Let’s Talk About The Market

Linda Glover, HUFF Realty Hi guys! It’s been a hot second since I have written in my blog. My business took off like a rocket and I got buried in work! I had to wait until I went full-time in the real estate biz before I returned to writing here. First and foremost- I wantContinue reading “Let’s Talk About The Market”

Lighting 101: Part 2- Lightbulbs

I am so excited to talk about this subject! I know that this sounds like a ridiculously boring topic, but when was the last time you stood in the lightbulb aisle of a home improvement store? There are so many different options out there it can be totally overwhelming. If you were married to myContinue reading “Lighting 101: Part 2- Lightbulbs”

5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Curb appeal, it’s that pesky word that real estate agents and home buyers use a lot. It’s that pesky word I think of every time I think about listing my own house- “Our house just doesn’t have that magical curb appeal.” I would like you to join me on a discovery mission to explore someContinue reading “5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring”

First-Time Home Buyers and Setting Expectations

How many of us love to watch home improvement and home buying shows? *scans room* All of us? Yes. When my husband and I were living in our 800 square foot apartment, engaged to be married, about to set off into our new careers, those were my favorite shows! It let me dream and envisionContinue reading “First-Time Home Buyers and Setting Expectations”

Lighting 101: Part One- Light Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most effective upgrades in your home that can also improve your daily life. It’s often an ignored subject! This blog will focus on re-dreaming the fixtures in your home (or in the home you’re considering buying). Part two of this blog will focus on lightbulbs. Who knew they deserved theirContinue reading “Lighting 101: Part One- Light Fixtures”

Fixer-Uppers and Investment Properties

I got the opportunity to list a home last week in a great neighborhood. The home was being previously used as an investment property and had been rented for years. The market here in Northern Kentucky is hot and it was in a great school district so I knew it would sell fast. All ofContinue reading “Fixer-Uppers and Investment Properties”

Let’s Talk About Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest. Who uses this platform? Me, me, me, me! I do! I just checked and between my personal Pinterest page and my business page I have 6,871 pins. I will not be shamed by this number, don’t even try to go down that path. If you’re not completely sure of what the purpose ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Pinterest”

Prepping Your Home Before Meeting With a Real Estate Agent

If you have considered putting your house on the market, there is a good chance one of your thoughts have been, “gosh, there’s just too much to do to sell this house.” or “there’s no way I will ever have the time to make this happen.” Then, you abruptly give up and kick the canContinue reading “Prepping Your Home Before Meeting With a Real Estate Agent”

The Kitchen Vision

It is very rare that we meet someone with the exact same taste as us, so why would we expect our home buying search to check all the boxes of our style preferences? We all know that we can change paint color easily, yada-yada-yada and that we shouldn’t let small cosmetic issues to stand inContinue reading “The Kitchen Vision”

Why on earth is a REALTOR® writing a blog?

Hi guys, if you’ve made it this far and are reading this, congratulations, you are as crazy as I am! I’m totally kidding, maybe. Let me introduce myself. My name is Linda Glover and I live in Edgewood, Kentucky with my husband and two beautiful daughters. I started on a new career adventure in 2020Continue reading “Why on earth is a REALTOR® writing a blog?”