Hi, I’m Linda and I’m a licensed real estate agent in Northern Kentucky.

I started this blog to offer my community of followers a space for creative inspiration for their home buying/selling process as well as to enhance the homes in which they currently dwell.

As an agent, my goal is to ensure that the home buying and selling process is fun, easy, and stress-free. I bring many skills to the table from my previous career as a musician to provide a hands-on, expert approach for my clients. As a classically-trained musician I spent the last two decades paying close attention to detail to advance my craft.  I apply discipline and focus to my work that allows me to work efficiently for my clients. As a music teacher, I spent years helping students find creative solutions to solve difficult problems. I am channeling those and many more of my professional skills to the world of real estate. Working with the public for so many years I have developed an easy to work with demeanor and have a great ear to hear and understand my client’s needs. I care about my clients and will continuously go to bat for them. I am excited to be your go-to expert for all of your real estate business. 

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