5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Curb appeal, it’s that pesky word that real estate agents and home buyers use a lot. It’s that pesky word I think of every time I think about listing my own house- “Our house just doesn’t have that magical curb appeal.” I would like you to join me on a discovery mission to explore some quick and easy ways to step up your curb appeal this spring. Whether you are thinking about selling or just want to love your home more.

You guys, my house is bangin’ on the inside. I love arranging my furniture with the perfect feng shui in mind, I obsess over paint colors, I am a freak for good lighting, I like a tidy and well-organized home. Would you like to know what is NOT my strength? The outside of my home, specifically yard work. For a perfectionist who loves a job well done, pulling weeds in my flower bed feels like an exercise in futility. It is nice for a week and then those little jerks are popping right back up.

We all are so short on time, so let me point out some really great, easy, and quick ways to boost up the exterior of your home without putting in too much elbow grease.

1. Paint the Front Door

Your front door sets the stage of your entire home. Whether you want to keep it the same color to just clean it up with a fresh coat of paint or get creative and find a new color, painting your door has my top recommendation. Maybe it’s because changing paint colors anywhere is one of my top loves as a homeowner. Changing the color of your front door makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. I would recommend going on Pinterest to look for the paint color you like and to see what it looks like in full, outdoor sun. Start imagining. Add a fun door knocker, because, why not? Layering door mats is also a new and very appealing trend. I am not quite done with my front door transformation yet. I need to add plants on both sides of the door and my bunny door knocker. However, you can already see the difference below!

Because, why not? Isn’t he precious?
2. Lay Mulch

Nothing ties your outdoor space together like a clean, fresh layer of mulch. If you are wondering what you should do to the outside of your home before you put it on the market, do this one thing. Before I mulch each year, I pull all the weeds I possibly can get my hands on. I then sprinkle triacizide in my flower bed and along the perimeter of my home to keep the invasive bugs away from the structure of the house. Finally, I spread Preen throughout the flowerbeds and anywhere I am going to lay the mulch. I’m sure there is far more I could do in this process. Spoiler alert- gardening is NOT my strong suit, don’t take my words as the final say on this. You should reserve a full morning into the afternoon to this project depending on the size of your yard and flower beds.

3. Plant Some Annuals
I love flowers so much

This is where your creativity can come into play. I love annuals because you can change the look of your yard each spring/summer pretty quickly and easily. Flowers are my jam, you guys. I love color and I love to imagine new possibilities. Do you want the walkers in your neighborhood to do a double-take when they walk by? Add beautiful annuals.

4. Spruce Up That Mailbox

I’m going to take my own advice on this one. My mailbox is on its last leg. It used to be painted black, now it’s mostly bare and silver and leaning to the side. A good mailbox overhaul will help tie everything together outside of your house. You can go to your local hardware store or home improvement store and buy one. Or, if you want to get really fancy and imaginative, I’ve seen some beautiful mailboxes hanging out on Etsy.com. Keep it simple and if you want to add numbers to the post, make sure they’re large and easy to read.

5. Mow The Grass Regularly

This is a no-brainer. Keep up with mowing the grass all spring, summer, and fall. I don’t have a lot of advice on this topic other than to do it! Maybe I’ll devote another blog to the topic of lawn care one day. One day, in a dream far away, I will pay a lawn care service to come to my home. I’m fairly clueless when it comes to this area, I can only tell you it is important! This would be a great opportunity to share in the comments any lawn care tips, thanks!

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